What are Be Form Verbs ? Telugu

What are Be Form Verbs ? Telugu


The various forms of the verb BE are – Is, Am, Are;  Was, Were;  Will be/shall be

These various forms of the verb BE are not only used in the present continuous tense but are also used to tell the presence of a thing or a person and the nature of the person or thing.

Subject Present Tense Past Tense Future Tense
I I am I was I will be
We We are We were We will be
You You are You were You will be
They They are They were They will be
Doctors Doctors are Doctors were Doctors will be
He He is He was He will be
She She is She was She will be
It It is It was It will be
Prasad Prasad is Prasad was Prasad will be
I am busy I was busy I will be busy
It is expensive It was expensive It will be expensive
They are at home They were at home They will be at home
He is on leave He was on leave He will be on leave
He is out of town He was out of town He will be out of town
The train is on platform No.5 The train was on Platform No.5 The train will be on platform No.5
There is a holiday today There was a holiday Yesterday There will be a holiday tomorrow
There are many people There were many people There will be many people
It is hot It was hot It will be hot
You are tired You were tired You will be tired
Mahesh is here Mahesh was here Mahesh will be here
She is the secretary She was the secretary She will be the secretary
We are happy We were happy We will be happy
They are in Mumbai They were in Mumbai They will be in Mumbai




Is it alright?

Yes. Its alright

No. It isn’t alright

Is it yours?

Yes. It is mine

No. It isn’t mine

Is it crowded?

Yes. It is crowded

No. It isn’t crowded

Is your brother abroad?

Yes. My brother is abroad

No. My brother isn’t abroad

Is the meeting over?

Yes. The meeting is over

No. The meeting isn’t over

Is it convenient?

Yes. It is convenient

No. It isn’t convenient

Is he there?

Yes. He is there

No. He isn’t there

Is your father at home?

Yes. My father is at home

No. My father isn’t at home

Is he awake?

Yes. He is awake

No. He isn’t awake

Is your father in town?

Yes. My father is in town

No. My father isn’t in town

Is he reliable?

Yes. He is reliable

No. He isn’t reliable

Is she a graduate?

Yes. She is a graduate

No. She isn’t a graduate

Is she your mother?

Yes. She is my mother

No. She isn’t my mother

Are we fools?

Yes. You are fools

No. You aren’t fools

Are they tired?

Yes. They are tired

No. They aren’t tired

Are they members here?

Yes. They are members here

No. They aren’t members here

Are you in a hurry?

Yes. I am in a hurry

No. I amn’t in a hurry

Are you from Rajasthan?

Yes. I am from Rajasthan

No. I amn’t from Rajasthan

Are you satisfied?

Yes. We are satisfied

No. We aren’t satisfied

Are you ready?

Yes. We are ready

No. We aren’t ready

Is there any problem?

Yes. There is a problem

No. There isn’t a problem

Is there a browsing centre nearby?

Yes. There is a browsing centre nearby

No. There isn’t a browsing centre nearby

Is he your brother?

Yes. He is my brother

No. He isn’t my brother

Is the function on the 4th January?

Yes. The function is on the 4th January

No. The function isn’t on the 4th January

Is the flat vacant?

Yes. The flat is vacant

No. The flat isn’t vacant

Is the shop open?

Yes. The shop is open

No. The shop isn’t open

Is he your boss?

Yes. He is my boss

No. He isn’t my boss

Is she aware of that?

Yes. She is aware of that

No. She isn’t aware of that

Is she employed?

Yes. She is employed

No. She isn’t employed

Is it okay?

Yes. It is okay

No. It isn’t okay

Are you free this Sunday?

Yes. I am free this Sunday

No. I amn’t free this Sunday

Aren’t you aware of that?

Yes. I amn’t aware of that

No. I am aware of that

Aren’t you afraid of them?

Yes. I amn’t afraid of them

No. I am afraid of them

Are you angry with me?

Yes. I am angry with you

No. I amn’t angry with you

Are you free next week?

Yes. I am free next week

No. I amn’t free next week

Are they satisfied?

Yes. They are satisfied

No. They aren’t satisfied

Are they your relatives?

Yes. They are my relatives

No. They aren’t my relatives

Are you interested in her?

Yes. I am interested in her

No. I amn’t interested in her

Are they ready for the show?

Yes. They are ready for the show

No. They aren’t ready for the show

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