What are articles in English ?

What are articles in English ?


There are two types of articles in the English language.  The Definite article THE and the Indefinite articles A and AN.

 THE is called the definite article because it shows a particular person or thing.

 e.g. Bring THE CHAIR near the window (A person will bring the chair which is near the window. Which means only that particular chair near the window)

e.g. Call the girl with the pink saree (the girl who is wearing only the pink saree will be called)

 A and AN are called indefinite articles because they don’t point to any particular thing or person

e.g. Bring A CHAIR ( a person will go and bring any chair whether it is big or small, plastic or steel chair)

e.g. Bring AN ORANGE (a person will go and bring any orange. It could be a small orange or a big orange, it could be a ripe orange or a raw orange)

A and AN symbolise ONE.


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