ఇంగ్లీష్ లో 5 అక్షరాల పదములు వాటి అర్థములు, వాటి ఉపయోగములు,, వాటిని ఏ రకముగా పలకవలేనో, వాఖ్యములలో ఎలా ఉపయోగించాలో మనకు శ్రీ శివ ప్రాసాద్ గారు  ఈ వీడియోద్వార వివరించారు.


 These are some of the common words that we use in our day to day life. We must know their meanings and we should also use these words to make sentences of our own. Some words may have more than one meaning.

For e.g.           Can = Container. This is a milk can/ This can contains oil.

                        Can = Ability.  I can speak English fluently/This printer can print 100 copies in one minute.



One letter words

           I, a

e.g.       I am a student

Give me a ball




an, As, At, Am, Be, By, Do, Go, He, If, In, Is, It, Me, My, No, Of, On, Or, Ox, So, To, Up, Us, We.


Give me an apple As strong as an ox She is at the gate I am proud of myself You be in the class
I go to office by bus You do your work Please go and come later He is my friend If you com, I will go
Put it in your pocket She is in the class It is my duty He called me This is my pen
I have no money Get of the bus Keep it on the table This or that An ox is a strong animal
She is so beautiful I am going to Mumbai Come up in life He invited us We are friends


THREE LETTER WORDS (You try and make sentences using the words given below and also learn spellings & Pronunciation)


Ass, Ant, Arm, Are, Aim, Air, Ago, Any, Axe, And, Ask, Bed, Beg, Big, Buy, Cap, Can, Cup, Cot, Cry, Dry, Dig, Dot, Eye, Ear, Eat, Egg, Fig, Fog, Fun, Fly, Fan, Far, Fat, God, Get, Gem, Gun, Hat, Him, Her, His, Hot, Hut, Jug, Key, Lip, Lid, Let, Man, Men, Mud, Not, Net, Now, One, Off, Our, Out, Pen, Pet, Pin, Pad, Pot, Run, Ran, Rub, Rod, Sit, See, Saw, Say, Sip, Shy, Sad, She, Sky, Sun, Top, Try, Two, Ten, Tin, The, Van, Way, Wet, War, Win, Won, Was, Why, Who, You, Zoo.


FOUR LETTER WORDS ((You try and make sentences using the words given below and also learn spellings & Pronunciation)


Army, Area, Baby, Back, Bank, Bath, Ball, Beef, Boat, Book, Cane, Care, Cash, Coal, Crab, Chip, Chin, Cure, Date, Dash, Dark, Desk, Dear, Dust, Duck, Each, Echo, Fate, Food, Foot, Fair, Fast, Fear, File, Fine, Flat, Flag, Fire, Gang, Ghee, Gain, Head, Hand, Hence, Hill, Hope, Half, Hire, High, Inch, Itch, Jail, Kind, Lock, Last, Loan, Long, Lake, List, Loss, Lamp, Moon, Mark, Male, Main, Next, Nice, Neat, Name, Nail, News, Past, Pork, Pipe, Rich, Rude, Rock, Rank, Rate, Rain, Rose, Sale, Salt, Sage, Seat, Skin, Seed, Star, Snow, Tall, Tree, Thin, Vote, Wood, Wind, Work, Wall, Yard, Year, Zeal.



FIVE LETTER WORDS ((You try and make sentences using the words given below and also learn spellings & Pronunciation)

Angel, Angle, Anger, Angry, Argue, Agree, Brush, Black, Below, Blind, Blood, Break, Bread, Broom, Chair, Cycle, Clock, cloak, click, Cloth, Cloud, Comet, Crazy, Crush, Crisp, Daily, Dance, Dress, Drill, Dream, Eight, Error, Elder, Empty, Equal, Flash, Flush, Field, Feast, Fever, Fence, Flame, Flood, Frill, Frock, Grill, Gland, Globe, Glory, Guest, Greet, Hotel, Happy, Handy, House, Ivory, Jewel, Juice, Joint, Judge, Kneel, Knife, Ladle, Lease, Limit, Local, Occur, Odour, Paper, Pearl, Pitch, Plane, Plain, Queue, Queen, Quick, Quite, Quest, Rally, Reply, Rifle, Risky, Renew, Roast, Stove, Sorry, Shock, Slice, Smile, Speed, Spoon, Shore, Share, Train, Think, Trial, Under, Usual, Ulcer, Unity, Voice, Weave, Wheat.

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