There are different types of introductions that we come across in our daily lives.  Sometimes we meet unknown persons and want to speak a few words or you may want to start a conversation. But you don’t know how to start a conversation with a stranger or an unknown person. So what do we do? Very simple. Practice and Follow these steps confidently.


  1. Voluntary Introduction:

1st Person   :           Hai! I’m Prasad and You?

2nd Person  :           Hai! Mr.Prasad I’m Suresh

1st Person   :           I’m glad to meet you Mr.Suresh

2nd Person  :           Me too Mr.Prasad

Just practice these four lines with your friend or family member and you will gain a little confidence to start a conversation.

                        Conversation module

                        Prasad             :           Hai! I am Prasad and You?

                        Suresh             :           Hai Mr. Prasad I’m Suresh

                        Prasad             :           I’m glad to meet you Mr. Suresh

                        Suresh             :           Me too Mr. Prasad. By the way, what do you do Mr. Prasad?

                        Prasad             :           I am into English Training

                        Suresh             :           Oh! What do you actually do?

                        Prasad             :           I teach spoken or communicative English

                        Suresh             :           That’s very interesting. In fact, i was also thinking of joining some good institute to learn fluent English.

                        Prasad             :           I would love to help you.  By the way, what is your academic qualifications Mr.Suresh?

                        Suresh             :           I am a Science Graduate. What have you done Mr. Prasad?

                        Prasad             :           I am a post graduate in Sociology from Mysore University.

                        Suresh             :           Where were you born and brought up?

                        Prasad             :           I was born and brought up in Bangalore.
Suresh             :           How many brothers and sisters are you?

                        Prasad             :           We are two sisters and two brothers including me.

                        Suresh             :           What does your dad do?

                        Prasad             :           My father is a double pensioner who served the Indian Army and Reserve Bank of India, Bangalore.

                        Suresh             :           It was very nice meeting you Mr. Prasad. You are an interesting person. See you next time.

                        Prasad             :           Me too Mr. Suresh. Have a nice day.

                        MEETING A PERSON FOR THE SECOND TIME

                        1st Person         :           Good Morning Mr. Suresh.

                        2nd Person        :           Good Morning Mr. Prasad

                        1st Person         :           How are you Mr. Suresh?

                        2nd Person        :           I’m fine thankyou Mr.Prasad

                        1st Person         :           Its nice to see you again Mr. Suresh

                        2nd Person        :           You too Mr.Prasad


  1. Group Introduction:

Many a times, we may get opportunities to be in groups when we attend Seminars or Workshops or Meetings or Conferences or Interviews. In such cases, the person leading the Programme will want to know something in brief about you and so, he or she asks you to tell a few things about yourself. All you have to do is to tell your Name, your Designation, the Place you come from and the organisation that you are representing.

e.g. Good Morning friends. My name is Prasad and I am an English Trainer from Bangalore working in Royal Institute of   Spoken English (RISE).

In the above sentences, you see the name, designation, the place from and the organisation that you represent in bold letters.


NOTE: Don’t start telling your complete Bio-data. He or she is not interested in your life history, just these four points will do and you should remember that there are other persons who have to introduce themselves. You can’t take all the time.


  1. Third Person Introduction:


In this type of introduction, 2 persons are already well acquainted. The first person wants to introduce a third person to the second person. How do we do that? Very easy. Just follow these steps.

1st Person (Prasad)       :           Mr.Suresh, please meet my friend Ms. Shamna.

2nd Person (Suresh)      :           Hai Ms. Shamna, I’m glad to meet you.

3rd Person(Shamna)      :           Me too Mr. Suresh.      


  1. Self introduction:

Self Introduction is commonly done only during interviews.  The interviewer is interested to know more about you and he also wants to check the fluency level of your command of English. Hence, you need to talk more about yourself. You have to cover these points – Name, age, academic qualifications, additional qualifications, work experience, your aims, your strengths, your hobbies, your achievements, and finally something about your family.  YOU MUST TALK A LOT.



good morning friends, i wish to speak a few words about myself.   if you are facing a single person, start by sir/madam


I’m V.Siva Prasad, 43 years of age and a post graduate in Sociology from Mysore University and at present I am an English Trainer in Royal Institute of Spoken English (RISE) in Hyderabad. I have done a crash course in computers and can type 60-65 words per minute.


I have about two decades of work experience in various positions in the government/non-government and the private sector. My hobbies are reading and watching football, cricket and English movies on T.V. The book that I am reading at present is named “Why am I on the earth for” written by Rick Warren.


I am not only a multi-linguist but also clever and intelligent. I am quick on the grasp and I love the job that I takeup and put my heart and soul into it.


Mine is a compact family consisting of five members. They are my better half, two sons and a daughter. My better half is a homemaker and my children are employed in different places in different companies.



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