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How to talk in The Simple Present Tense through Telugu


Talking the simple present tense

Sometimes I do good things and sometimes I do bad things. When I do good things I feel happy but when I do bad things I feel very unhappy.   So I think it is good for me and the others to do good things. If I do good things, my family and I get a good name. For me my family comes first and then my relatives and my friends. Sometimes, my friends stand by me when I am in trouble more than my relatives. But it is my family members who care for me and love me unconditionally.

Talking in the simple past


Last night I went to watch a movie. There was a big rush in the theatre and people fought for tickets. I somehow managed to get a ticket for myself and went to watch the movie. The movie was very interesting and I was deeply absorbed. The audience praised and whistled loudly in the theatre. When the movie came to an end, I quickly got up from my seat and went out to avoid the rush.  When I reached home, my mother had locked the door and was sound asleep.  I knocked the door many times but there was no response.  I thought my mother did it deliberately to teach me a lesson.


Talking in the Simple Future Tense

The moment I get my Visa, I will take it and show it to my boss.  My boss will take me with him to America.  Both of us will discuss with the top officials in America about the project and finalise it.  My colleagues in India will be proud of our achievement and we will be well rewarded. We will bring the project from America to India and we will show the Americans that we are no less than them even though we are in a developing country.


Talking in the Present Continuous Tense

Many people are walking along the road shouting and singing slogans against the government.  The police are trying their best in maintaining law and order on the roads. Because of this protest, people are running here and there. The shops are pulling their shutters down and the students are shouting in joy because the schools will be closing indefinitely for a few days.


Talking in the Past Continuous Tense

I was standing and peeping through the key hole of my friend’s house.  I saw my friend reading loudly and trying his best to by-heart the lessons that would be coming for the exams that were scheduled for the next day.  All these days, my friend was not taking serious about the exams. But, when I told its importance, he started studying day and night. That was the best thing that was happening to my friend.


Talking in the Future Continuous Tense

I will be going to my uncle’s house during the summer vacations.  I love going there because I will not only be making new friends, but these friends will be helping me in preparing for my exams that will be held in mid-summer.  In this place, I will not be experiencing the heat of the summer because my uncle will be fixing an A.C. and most of the time I will be spending my time in preparing for the exams with my friends indoors.


Talking in the Present Perfect Tense

I have talked with the Minister and he has assured me that everything has fallen into place.  Only time has to tell us how things have to be done in the right manner and at the right time.  Till then, the Minister has asked us to remain silent and he has also requested us to contribute our might for the party.


Talking in the Past Perfect Tense

I had attended an interview and after a month or so they had sent me an appointment letter stating that I had to report for duty immediately.  Since I had not been aware of it, I had contacted them and had convinced them to give me some more time to report for duty.  Somehow, they had agreed and I reported for

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